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My favorite celebrityMade by Li Huihui Do you know who he is ?a boy or a girl ??? When you hear this song, you might imagine a beautiful woman dressed in a traditional Chinese gown, stunning, pretty and tender, like a fairy lady. Yes, that's the true picture if our radio can bring it to you. But can you believe this sweet voice comes from a strong, steadfast man? Who is this guy? How can he instantly transform from a handsome fellow to a delicate woman? I will tell you more about that.当你听到这首歌时,你也许会想象出这样的场景: 当你听到这首歌时,你也许会想象出这样的场景: 一位倾国倾城的旷世美人, 一位倾国倾城的旷世美人,身着中国传统的凤冠霞 醉人沁心,妩媚温婉,宛若仙子。是的, 帔,醉人沁心,妩媚温婉,宛若仙子。是的,若是 你能看到MV的话,真实的画面就是这样的。但,你 的话, 你能看到 的话 真实的画面就是这样的。 能想象, 能想象,这样甜蜜圆润的声音是出自一位顽强执着 的男子之口吗?他是谁? 的男子之口吗?他是谁?为何能云云游刃有余地穿 梭于帅气男子与细腻女人之间?我将会告诉你更多。 梭于帅气男子与细腻女人之间?我将会告诉你更多。 Li Yugang: A Charming Woman on Stage, A Real Man in Life. 李玉刚: 李玉刚: 台上旷世美人, 台上旷世美人, 台下真纯君子。 台下真纯君子。 Li Yugang was born in a village in Jilin province in North China. He loved performing even when he was little. At the age of 17, he was given an offer by an art college. He chose instead to work as a waiter in a nightclub in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin province, because his family was too poor to afford his study. He started his new life with a small suitcase and 200 Yuan or 25 US dollars. That was all he had to his name.李玉刚出生在中国北方吉林省的一 个农村里。自年幼他便爱上了饰演。 个农村里。自年幼他便爱上了饰演。 在他17岁那年 岁那年, 在他 岁那年,他收到了一所艺术 学院的通知书。 学院的通知书。但因家庭贫困无力 支付其学费,他放弃了上大学, 支付其学费,他放弃了上大学,而 选择了在吉林省会长春的一家歌厅 里做服务生。 里做服务生。他带着一个小衣箱和 200元人民币(约25美元)最先了 元人民币( 美元) 元人民币 美元 自己新的生涯,这就是他的一切。 自己新的生涯,这就是他的一切。 Although life was tough, Li Yugang never gave up his dream of the stage. In his spare time, he took part time jobs performing in clubs One accident changed his life, forever. 只管生涯艰难, 只管生涯艰难,李玉刚 从未放弃过他的舞台梦。 从未放弃过他的舞台梦。在 他闲暇时, 他闲暇时,他就在歌厅里做 点兼职饰演的事情。 点兼职饰演的事情。 一次无意的时机永远地 改变了他的一生。 改变了他的一生。 During an important show, a female singer was absent. Li Yugang proposed to the boss that he could finish the show for her. Everyone had their doubts. It was a formal show, not some silly drama. Could Li sing two roles? The result couldn't have been better.The audience was stunned. They broke into applause and cheers. The experiment was a success.. 在一次主要的饰演节目上, 在一次主要的饰演节目上,女歌 手缺席了。 手缺席了。李玉刚向他的老板自荐说 他可以完成女声部门。那时, 他可以完成女声部门。那时,每小我私家 都带着疑问。这是一个很正式的节目, 都带着疑问。这是一个很正式的节目, 不是搞笑剧。 不是搞笑剧。李玉刚真的能唱这两个 角色吗?效果好到不能再好了。 角色吗?效果好到不能再好了。观众 们惊呆了,报以雷鸣般的掌声和欢呼。 们惊呆了,报以雷鸣般的掌声和欢呼。 这是一次乐成的履历。 这是一次乐成的履历。 "I was really happy. I thought, I can earn money now, and my parents won't suffer in the future."From that point on, people flocked to see his performances. Li Yugang gradually found his confidence and discovered the huge market potential of female impersonation“= “我真的很开心。我想,我可以 我真的很开心。我想, 我真的很开心 赚钱了, 赚钱了,未来我的怙恃就不用再 受苦了。 受苦了。” 从那一刻起, 从那一刻起,人们排着队去看他 的饰演。李玉刚逐渐找到了自信, 的饰演。李玉刚逐渐找到了自信, 而且发现了反串饰演极大的市场 潜力。 潜力。 To play a real female role, singing competence is far from enough. Appearance, figure, gestures are equally important. Li Yugang decided to learn all these techniques at the age of 23.为了使自己的饰演更为完善传神,越发的柔媚感人, 为了使自己的饰演更为完善传神,越发的柔媚感人,他最先正式 的学习京剧。在传统京剧中,男旦艺术已有约200年的历史。这 年的历史。 的学习京剧。在传统京剧中,男旦艺术已有约 年的历史 是一项特殊的武艺,并备受推许。为了体现一个真实的女性角色, 是一项特殊的武艺,并备受推许。为了体现一个真实的女性角色, 光是有美妙的声音是远远不够的。扮相、身段同样主要。 光是有美妙的声音是远远不够的。扮相、身段同样主要。李玉刚 决议学习这些武艺时已经23岁了。 决议学习这些武艺时已经 岁了。 岁了 "I knew I was too old to dance, but I always believed that I could make a miracle."Li Yugang was optimistic, but the learning process was a real ordeal. "I really suffered a lot then. My legs even trembled when I met the teacher. Many people felt for me. I couldn't tell what my motivation was, I just kept at it day by day.“我知道学舞蹈我的年龄太大了,但我总是信赖我能缔造事业。” 我知道学舞蹈我的年龄太大了,但我总是信赖我能缔造事业。 我知道学舞蹈我的年龄太大了 李玉刚很是乐观,但学习的历程却是一场异常严酷的磨练。 李玉刚很是乐观,但学习的历程却是一场异常严酷的磨练。 我吃了许多苦。我瞥见先生时腿都哆嗦。许多人都很同情我。 “我吃了许多苦。我瞥见先生时腿都哆嗦。许多人都很同情我。 我没告诉他们我学舞的缘故原由,我只是日复一日的坚持训练着。 我没告诉他们我学舞的缘故原由,我只是日复一日的坚持训练着。” All of his efforts were not in vain. Audiences began to feel a sense of sadness from just the look in his eyes, full of tender affection. People even considered his female image "the unprecedented beauty in generations". Li Yugang began to taste success.他所有的起劲都没白费。 他所有的起劲都没白费。观众们能仅仅从他的双眸中就感受到凄 凄悲切,并在绵绵柔情中陶醉。人们甚至称他的女性形象为“ 凄悲切,并在绵绵柔情中陶醉。人们甚至称他的女性形象为“芳 华旷世” 李玉刚最先尝到了乐成的滋味。 华旷世”。李玉刚最先尝到了乐成的滋味。 In 2005, his performance in Europe drew lots of attention. The European Times featured him on the first page, declaring that he had brought Opera art out of China. 2005年,他的欧洲饰演之行引起了惊动。 年 他的欧洲饰演之行引起了惊动。 欧洲时报以他的新闻做头版头条, 欧洲时报以他的新闻做头版头条,称李玉 刚将京剧艺术带出国门。 刚将京剧艺术带出国门。 In July,2006, at the Avenue of Stars -a famous programme of CCTV-3 ,his sweet voices,graceful and charming and beautiful looks so enchanted audiences that he walked away with third prize.And his support rate on line reached 93%.He was regarded as "Crownless King",a deserved idol of common people.在2006年7月中国国家电视台CCTV—3深受老国民 喜好的《星光大道》节目中李玉刚以甜蜜的歌声、 婀娜的舞姿、俊俏的扮相获得年度季军,网络上的 支持率高达93%,被观众誉为《星光大道》无冕之 王,成为当之无愧的平民偶像。 Li Yugang has also participated in the The 8th CCTV&KBS Live Performance in Seoul,in the Meet in Chinese Festival held in Sydney Opera House in February,2007, in Love Peace - In the Passion of the Outstanding Young Artists Enchantment Night" held in Beijing,and in Spring of UN Cultural Festival. 2006年10月代表中国歌星到场在韩国首都首尔举行的 年 月代表中国歌星到场在韩国首都首尔举行的 第八次中韩歌会、 第八次中韩歌会、 2007年2月代表中国艺员到场在澳大 年 月代表中国艺员到场在澳大 利亚悉尼歌剧院举行的《相约中国节》运动、 利亚悉尼歌剧院举行的《相约中国节》运动、2007年 年 12月22日代表中国方面到场了“《爱·宁静》中日艺术 月 日代表中国方面到场了“ 宁静》 日代表中国方面到场了 宁静 家交流演出 As a young man borned and grew up in rural countryside,he deeply understand the hardships of peasants.At the time that he was not famous ,in 1999,he started to subsidize six orfans who would drop out of school and a old widow in mountain area.He said:"As long as I have the ablity to help them,I will do it."作为一个出生在农村的青年, 他相识农村的痛苦,他的心时 时刻刻都悬念着农村。在他还 未着名前,从1999年起,就开 始资助山区6个面临失学的孤儿 和一个孤寡老人,用他的话说: “我有能力,就要资助他们。” After the Wenchuan earthquake,Li Yugang himself donated 100,000RMB ,and donated 162,000RMB on behalf of his fans and staff members .Then he had a special trip to visit the children in disaster area in Sichuan. He contributed his efforts to the rebuild of disaster area.在汶川大地震中, 在汶川大地震中,李玉刚不仅 自己慷慨解囊, 自己慷慨解囊,以小我私家名义捐 万元, 出11万元,还代表刚丝及事情 万元 职员共捐出16万 千元 千元。 职员共捐出 万2千元。今后 更是去往四川探望灾区儿童, 更是去往四川探望灾区儿童, 为重修孝敬出自己的一份气力。 为重修孝敬出自己的一份气力 Moreover,he have participated in many kinds of benefit performance.On the August 21st,2008,Li Yugang attended a big charity performance in Malaysia,he was praised by local media as "Fabulous".此外, 此外,他曾多次到场各种义 演运动。 年 月 的马来 演运动。08年8月21的马来 西亚义演,更是颇受好评, 西亚义演,更是颇受好评, 被马媒体誉为“惊为天人” 被马媒体誉为“惊为天人”。 This is my favorite celebrity Li Yugang A Charming Woman on Stage, A Real Man in Life.台上旷世美人, 台上旷世美人, 台下真纯君子。 台下真纯君子。 This is my dream